Overview-Emirates Bank, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

the emirates bank building in dubai is one of the most easily recognisable building on the shores of the dubai creek. the reflective golden glass stands out from other buildings lining the creeks shores. the building is home to one the largest banking groups in the united arab emirates simply named "Emirates bank group". the building has become a world wide icon of dubai and is considered by some to be the most beautiful building on the dubai creek shores. the building is a dwarf compared to neighbouring buildings along the dubai creek and even smaller when compared to the massive burj dubai. recently designed by a person going by the name "Ausie"  is a scaled model of the building. the rest of Ausie's work can be found on the world famous skyscraper chat room skyscrapercity.com . the website has the worlds largest collection of free paper models. the model can be found at the following link and also at the bottom of this page.